Flexible Time Tracking & Time Management system

All companies have a need for employees to report their time. Whether the need concerns time tracking for better ways to handle payroll, billing, project tracking or the ability to analyze the company’s activity time, QBIS Time does the work easily and efficiently.


Employee Time and Attendance Tracking makes work more efficient.

The fundamental strength of QBIS Time Management lies creating a more effectively working and collecting time data. The system also gives you the information you need for increased productivity.

QBIS Time ensures that all time is reported correctly, without being a burden for the employees. You get complete data for time billing and payroll management.

Spend your time right

What are your needs for your Time and attendance software?

Time Tracking for Payroll

If your company is in need of time tracking to get data for payroll then QBIS is right for you. Employees report their time and time deviations such as illness and leave. They can also add their expenses. QBIS then has all the data forpayroll preparation.

Time Tracking for invoicing

If your needs is more advanced with Time Tracking for projects and and billable hours there are endless possibilities with QBIS. With QBIS Time and Project, you get a variety of functions for billable hours, project invoicing, project management and resource optimization.

Time Tracking for efficiency

Most people see great benefits in measuring what you do with your time in order to establish that you actually do the right things. This is a popular feature in both public and private sectors. QBIS holds all the data for doing this. See what you, your team, department or entire company actually are spending your time on in order to improve and be more efficient.

A few of the functions in QBIS Time Tracking

Report your time easily

With QBIS you can report time anywhere, using your computer or an app on your mobile. Time Reporting becomes so simple that it actually gets done. Nothing is forgotten and all hours are accurately recorded. QBIS is a complete Time Tracking system with features for most time reporting needs. 

Full insight in all time 

Both as a manager and employee will get full control of all the reported time, billable hours, flextime and deviations. As an administrator, you get a complete basis for invoicing and salarys payroll. You can easily view your time bank of flextime, overtime and vacation. 

Handle Expenses

Expense reporting, management of daily allowances and travel expenses are included in QBIS. Register all types of expenses, such as mileage, hotels, reresentation etc. You can seamlessly add all the entries which will then be on your salary.


QBIS easily connects to other systems. We have integrations with most of the popular business systemss. With a large number of integrations with leading payroll and billing system your administration becomes much easier.

Read more about our integrations

Vacation planner

Manage vacation requests and vacation planning in one single place. Vacation Requests are easily created. Managers can see an overview of all applications in a graphical calendar presentation. The request can be approved or rejected. Approved vacations is automatically recorded in the employee’s time cards.




You can choose to use schedules in QBIS. Then you can plan your staffing in a smart way. You can add anything from simple to advanced schedules. Time reported then is automatically put on the correct payroll activity which makes it easy to do things right.

Choose to add a collective agreement. QBIS will then calculate the salary types that apply under the collective agreement you select.


Time for salarys

QBIS simplify and streamline payroll management. You can easily generate a basis for wage payment and have full overview of flexitime, overtime, vacation, overtime and other absences. Use the templates for payroll activities available or create your own to suit your business.

Salary details can be generated for a group or for a specific employee. Then export directly to your system for payroll management.

Tidrapportering för lönehantering

Invoice your billable time

QBIS provides you a smart connection between time reporting and billing but also cost and revenue monitoring of projects. You always have control over what is billed in your project, it is easy to issue invoices and you get a larger overview of revenues and finance in real time.


With a large selection of powerful reports, you can analyze the information in the system. Schedule your reports so they are generated as you need them when you need them.
Kraftfulla rapporter med QBIS

All this and much more

QBIS have lots of other features to meet the needs of the market that is not seen here such as currency management, choice of language, document management, project calendar, advanced time management and much more. If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We are sure that we have it!

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The only Time Tracking system you need

Why choose to QBIS for time management?

All programs are good at certain things. QBIS is one of the most advanced tools for managing any type of time. Some time systems you easily grows out from as your needs change on how to manage, measure and analyze time. Often your needs grow more complex.

QBIS has a huge variety of features that will make you never grow out of the tool. You can add as many users as you want, manage a large number of salaries in the same simple way as if you were only a few users.

QBIS is a comprehensive system for those who value time.