QBIS Touch Screen

With QBIS QBIS Touch Screen your employees can easily register when they come and go from work with a PIN.


Come and go – with a click

With QBIS Touch Screen your employees can quickly and easily register when they arrive and when they leave. Put your touch screen at the company entrance, factory floor or at another central point and make it easy for your employees to report when they come and go.

Digital time clock

QBIS Touch Screen is connected to QBIS Time, a time reporting system in the cloud. All registered times will be automatically stored in QBIS for both reporting and payroll purposes. You will also be able to se in real time who is currently located inside or outside the building, a feature which is important for example for security reasons.

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With QBIS Touch Screen you get:

  • Quick and easy come and go reporting
  • Control of all the breaks during the day
  • Exact time for the employees
  • Report deviations
  • Connection to salary systems
  • Powerful reports

A smart and cost effective option to get control over your employees’ working time.

Time reporting with the touch screen

The time touch screen makes it easy for employees to report their time quickly and easily with the touch of a button. A PIN records to  your come and go times. One can, for example,  register when you come to work, when you are out for lunch and when you leave for the day.

Time tracking is important

All time worked is recorded with the touch screen connected to QBIS Time. As an administrator, you have full control of all the reported time, flexitime and deviations. All time data gives you a complete basis for example payroll management.

Tidrapportering för lönehantering

Integrated to salary systems

Connect QBIS to your payroll system for fast and accurate payroll. With an integration, you can manage salarys easily with a few clicks. The aim is to simplify the administration and saving both time and resources because tidhanteringen become automated.

We have links with most of the market’s most popular payroll systems and we are constantly developing more links to QBIS. Read more about integrations here.

Integrationer med QBIS