QBIS Service Desk gives you improved customer service and support, higher customer satisfaction and faster response times

QBIS Case Management is a web-based system for support and service requests that streamlines all the support and gives you full control. The CMS is flexible and can adapt to any unpaid or support organizations. The system provides effective feeds, email connections, agile mobile app and an online portal for case registration.

Benefits with QBIS Service Desk

  • Keep track of all support and service requests in one central view.
  • Faster Response Times – your support organisation can respond faster and more efficiently to service requests.  Support technicians in the field can be informed immediately of outstanding or new support/service requests.
  • Increase your support organisation’s effectiveness – by easily identifying common support issues and taking preventive measures. QBIS Service Desk will help you move away from reactive fire fighting support to proactive support.
  • Improve customer satisfaction  by assigning SLA:s so that all requests are managed according to the customers’ expectations.  Delivering according to expectations will improve your organisation’s reputation with the customers.
  • Cost effective – Because the software will make your support organisation more effective you will be able to carry out more within the same timeframe with the same or less resources.

Service Desk System for satisfied customers.

Efficient support management

The Service Desk system is flexible and can be adapted for use in any service or support organization. The system gives you more efficient flows, complete documentation, e-mail connections, smart mobile app and an online portal for service request registration.

Customer service with higher quality

QBIS Service Desk gives you improved customer service, higher customer satisfaction rate through faster response times and by setting expectations with service level agreements (SLAs). Your support organization becomes more efficient with less effort and nothing falls through the cracks.

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Functions in QBIS Service Desk

Central View for Support and Service Requests

View all support and service requests in an overviewable list view or in a calendar view and see the status on each errand.  With QBIS Service Desk you can customize the list and calendar views to only show information that is relevant to your support organisation.  You can show service requests in a day view, week or month view and see what service/support requests have been allocated to which resources.

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Service Desk App

With QBIS Service Desk App for iPhone and Android you can manage your service requests easily on your phone. Create cases, edit and assign them. Reply to users, and close cases as soon as you finish them. Smart search feature allows you to easily find what you are looking for.

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Supports Several Support Teams and Organisations

By using QBIS Service Desk you can manage several service and support groups effectively.  You can set up different support teams comprised of different resources and also assign a schedule for them.  Each support team has tailored access to their specific requirements (i.e. customers, contracts etc)

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Delegate with a click

No matter if your support & service organisation is spread out and not at the office you can still distribute new service requests & follow up reminders to your staff immediately via SMS and email to their mobile telephone.

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Prioritization and coordination

QBIS Service Desk System handles all the administration of the service and support of an organization. All information on the requests are collected in one place and is accessible for those parts of the organization who need it. It provides control and possibilities of prioritization, coordination and quicker response times.
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Manage Contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Keep track of your organisation’s service contracts and specify what Service Level Agreement each customer has.  QBIS Service Desk will automatically pick up the correct SLAs ensuring that all tasks are handled within the expected timeframes.

Hantera kontrakt och serviceavtal

Customisable Alert System

Customisable alert system to highlight urgent, unresolved, and escalated service requests.

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Customer Help portal

The portal logs your customer requests quickly and simply. In the portal customers can see how their case handled, get answers and solve their problems. Customizethe portal with your logo and insights in the support processes.


QBIS Service Desk has a wide selection of pre-defined reports for information and analytical purposes readily available in the system for your use.  Whether you are providing reports for internal use or providing reports to your end customers you will find a suitable report for each need.  You can email reports directly from QBIS and generate them in different formats such as Word, Excel or PDF.  You can also schedule reports to be automatically emailed to your internal support organisation or to your customers.

Kraftfulla rapporter med QBIS

E-mail integration

Smart email integration is included in QBIS Service Desk. If a case comes in by e-mail it is automatically connected to the right customer in the Service Desk system.

E-mail integration

Integration with QBIS CRM and QBIS Time modules

If you have QBIS CRM you will be able to share customer information and contracts between the Service Desk and CRM modules.  If you have QBIS Time then your employees can report time spent on service requests against the correct customer.

Much more functionality

QBIS of course have lots of additional features to meet your needs that is not listed here, such as currency management, choice of language, document management, scheduled reports, and much more. If you can not find a functions you are looking for, please contact us. We are sure that we have it!