Stephen Lang, Production Manager at Findwise says: As a consulting firm, it is important to know where our staff’s time is spent. The majority of our revenue is based on the number of hours we work on a particular client. Before the introduction of QBIS we used, among other things Excel. It was labor intensive and lacked accuracy. We realized early on that we needed a flexible tool that was scalable since we had big expansion plans, in addition, the system should be easy to use for our consultants so they could report their time to us no matter where they were.


By introducing QBIS solutions for time and project management Findwise immediately got a quick and easy way for its consultants to report its time, anywhere, anytime. At the same time management got a good overview of what happened and where the consultants spent their time. Something that is important as the consultants have considerable individual freedom to plan and manage their own work. Since Findwise is a process led organization, it was also vital to be able to track how much time is spent on internal processes and constantly improve the business, something that QBIS does very well. After some time Findwise began using QBIS for more and more tasks in addition to timecards such as recording expenses, payroll for employees and project management. The integrated solution streamlined many processes and gave Findwise the functionality they needed.


Findwise started using QBIS early. We were only 8 employees at the time and only worked with Swedish customers. Now we are over 100, and a global company operating in different countries in Europe and Asia, and the USA. says Stephen Lang. QBIS has played an important role in keeping our administrative costs low throughout our expansion. We also began to use QBIS in more and more processes and experienced an increased value. QBIS has helped both me and other members of management to maximize revenue and achieve internal goals which have helped us to grow into the company we are today.says Stephen Lang


First-class support

“The support we receive from QBIS is first class. Not only to solve a problem in a quick and efficient manner with good communication, but also to add new functonality into the system.  For example, QBIS developed an integrated solution for our billing process. says Stephen Lang.