Tidhantering kommun

Falu Council uses QBIS for time reporting and time management in the cloud. The system is a time management system specially adapted for larger public organizations.  The goal is that all about 4 500 employees will use the system and report their time to simplify all time administration.

Better time management in the council reduces costs

With QBIS Falun Council get a better structure for more efficient procedures and simplified administration of time reporting and time management of resources, which contributes to lower costs. The council can now better manage and control  its operations, see the maximum allocation of their resources, get simpler time billing, as well as reports and statistics to plan after.


Freedom to manage your own time

Falu Council has put considerable focus on a flexible system that meets their unique requirements, says Peter Nyman, Partner Manager at QBIS. The idea was to get a Time Management system that gives every employee the freedom to manage their own time, not monitoring them. Employees will themselves be able to plan and manage their time and activities to achieve their goals, says Mr. Nyman.


A Time Managemantsystem for large organizations

A powerful module with multi-organization functionality was developed in cooperation with Falu Council. Falu Council sought a time-management for large organizations, with more levels something that many other systems have difficulties with but which QBIS handles. QBIS can easily and quickly find resources with the right skills in the various departments of the council. At the same time, the council can get a good overview of their resources and can see both the whole organization and the individuals.


Time tracking online makes work easier

QBIS is a service in the cloud and it is the first time that Falun Council chooses this type of IT solution for strategic systems. Cloud computing means that the system is delivered as a service via the Internet, and the system is hosted externally. This gives the business both an accessible, safe and cost effective IT solution. Falu Council also apprechiates the system’s transparency and simplicity and the great opportunities to easily integrate with other systems.