EnvokeIT had a need to improve their internal structure with a time and project management system.
We realized early on that we needed a system to see how we spent our time and resources in each project.says Mathias Törnblom, CEO of EnvokeIT. Since the company provides both consulting services and support they were in need to improve their billable time and use their project resources in the best possible way.

Our revenue comes from the arms and legs, so to speak, it is through our consultants, we make money and therefore, every hour valuable.

Mathias Törnblom

Mathias Törnblom, VD, EnvokeIT


EnvokeIT started with QBIS back in 2006 with QBIS for time and project management. With the help of QBIS they got the control of all projects and an overview of the entire company’s time and revenue that they needed. By doing this EnvokeIT got a much easier process when it was time for billing and salarys.

As EnvokeIT grew they got an added more funtions to QBIS to improve thier workflows such as QBIS CRM and QBIS Service Desk management.



QBIS gives EnvokeIT time tracking, vacation planning, CRM and case management – all in one solution!

According to Mathias Törnblom QBIS gives EnvokeIT total control – twenty-four hours a day throughout their business. “Over the years we have used QBIS and it has continuously been added more smart features. When EnvokeIT expanded its operations to England recently, it was obviously a natural choice to choose QBIS. The expertise already existed and we knew QBIS fit our business,” says Mathias Törnblom, CEO of EnvokeIT.