Integrate QBIS with your business system

QBIS is able to connect and integrate, with a variety of programs and systems, such as payroll and billing systems. On this page you can see which systems we have integrations with. If you can’t find your system, we can help you build a new integration.

Integrations make it simpler for you

QBIS can be integrated with any other business system. It is common that customers want to use their existing accounting, payroll and billing systems and get a more efficient management of their time reporting data.

Your internal applications (payroll, accounting and billing system) can be linked with QBIS to eliminate duplication of administration. It is also easy to import and export information to and from QBIS.

Integrations to QBIS

Visma integration
Nordsteds Integration
Kontek integration
Fortnox Integration
FDT integration
Crona Lön Integration
  • Visma Salary system
  • Fortnox Salary system
  • Hogia Salary system
  • Hogia Salary Plus
  • Kontek Salary system
  • POL Salary system
  • SPCS Salary system
  • Crona Salary system
  • Edison Salary system
  • Norstedt Salary system
  • FDT Salary system
  • Fortnox Invoicing

With QBIS integration to Fortnox you can complete the circle by exporting data for invoicing.  The following functionality is included in the integration:
Creates and updates the company in Fortnox when exporting from QBIS.
Creates projects in Fortnox if these do not already exist
Exports invoices marked as finished in QBIS to Fortnox.
Marks the invoices billed in QBIS for export to Fortnox.
Sending the report by email with results from imports by exports.


  • Visma Administration

The following is exported to Vismas system from QBIS:

Creates business and company information in Visma Administration if it does not exist
Creates projects and project tasks in Visma Administration if it does not exist
Creates invoice transactions with invoicing information from QBIS
Transfer project data from QBIS
report back and complete marks invoice transactions that went into Visma Administration as invoiced in QBIS.
  • QBIS Service Desk – Fortnox

We are constantly developing more integrations to QBIS. Do you miss any integration we develop it. Contact us to learn more how we can help you work more easily.


Integrations make work easy

The administrative work goes faster and you avoid doubble work. QBIS conveniently cooperates with other systems. We have links with most of today‘s most popular business software.

Become an integration partner 

Are you interested in creating links with QBIS solutions? Contact us to find out how you create connections in the best way.