Increase the efficiency of your sales organisation with QBIS CRM

QBIS CRM is a web-based tool that automates sales and marketing. Take full advantage of every lead, every opportunity, and every customer interaction. QBIS CRM is an investment that is economically justifiable. Lead your business to success without software investment that‘s expensive to install and maintain. Focus on what is important your business and sell. More.

Everything you have said and done – in one place

QBIS CRM is a hosted web-based CRM tool that will automate sales, marketing and customer support.

Gather all important sales contact information, improve communication and maintain customer satisfaction. Whether you need a tool to manage customer contacts and activities or need to sharpen your sales and customer service, QBIS CRM is a complete solution. With QBIS CRM app you can access all data anywhere with your phone.

QBIS CRM gives sales personnel the control and insight they need to improve their productivity and efficiency. Your organisation will experience a more streamlined workflow at a much lower cost than traditional on-premise CRM solutions and other hosted CRM software vendors.

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Powerful sales pipeline

QBIS CRM provides an attractive sales pipeline which gives you a transparent graphical representation of the number of business opportunities as well as where in the process they are.

You can filter the opportunities by category, sales person, department and period, and you can select a particular opportunity stage, whereby you will see a list of matching opportunities as well as a number of statistics and data about them, such as which company they belong to, who the sales person is and what their expected revenue is.

From the sales pipeline page you can easily add new opportunities, as well as go into existing ones and see or change information. Opportunities whose end date have passed are shown in red, and you can sort the list by any criteria.


Account and Contact Management

QBIS account and contact management keeps all your customers and prospects in a simple two-tier data structure: Accounts (companies and organisations) and contacts (people who work there).  For every customer in your register you have an unlimited number of contact persons with personal information.

QBIS CRM is a customer management system that allows for detailed records of each of your customers. You can keep track of their contact information, financial information, transaction history, email and call history, customer service history, and much more.

  • Easily search accounts and contacts
  • Set up tasks to remind you of outstanding actions against each account, such as calling them back
  • Assign accounts and tasks to other sales resources in your organisation
  • Categorise your customers based on branch, size, revenue or your own types for analysis and statistical purposes.

Smart CRM for small and medium sized businesses

Task Management and follow up

Record every e-mail, telephone call, support request and meeting as a task for that account, so that you and your colleagues can see every interaction with that organisation. Using QBIS CRM you will be able to plan tasks to follow up with for each account/customer and manage daily tasks of the users to have a streamlined sales process.

Each salesperson will be able to plan their own ”To Do List” and keep control of who should be contacted today, or in the coming weeks.  Tasks can then be marked as complete or for follow-up.

Set reminders on tasks via e-mail or SMS.  Let QBIS keep track and remind you of important events such as meetings for customer contacts.  Even if you are not logged into QBIS, QBIS will still send you a reminder via e-mail or an SMS.  Just set when and how you would like to be contacted on the task. You will be able to integrate tasks that you create in QBIS into Outlook.  When you create a new customer task you will have the option to also book the task into your Outlook calendar.

Quotation management

QBIS CRM provides support for creating, managing and sending quotations, list existing quotations and related information. You can sort the list by any criterion, and search according to various critieria, such as company, subject, creator, period, and stage. Click a quotation in the list to view or edit its information.

You can easily add new quotations. The quotations offer a range of detailed options and you can also add products from your product portfolio as well as select a currency. The quotation can be printed in PDF format or be sent by e-mail to the customer.

Quotations can also both be viewed and added from the ordinary company page under the respective company.

Opportunity Management

Opportunities help your sales people to keep track of their sales activities and to streamline the sales process. By using QBIS CRM, you can easily add opportunities, adjust the stage they are at, link them to customer, contact and own sales person, write your own comments, as well as specify % to close. Add products and specify and see both estimated and actual revenue. During this process, information like stages and % to close can be updated to accurately reflect the current stage.

From inside the opportunities you can easily both create tasks related to them. You can reach opportunities both from the page for the respective company, and from the sales pipeline page, where you get a graphically attractive and transparent representation of them.

Sales analysis and goal fulfillment

With QBIS you can easily analyze how your sales is going. See how many appointments made, how many quotes that are out there and how many quotes that have led to a deal. Did we reach the sales targets? How is the performance of each sales person? What is most profitable? Analyze your sales and help you reach your goals.

Powerful real-time analysis and reporting

Access and present data quickly and easily from the selection of predefined reports. QBIS CRM has a wealth of good looking reports that will assist  managers and employees become more successful with their daily work.

Reports can be viewed on the screen or sent directly to a printer. Generate reports in a variety of formats (.html, word, excel or pdf) to fit your needs.

With QBIS CRM you will be able to get real-time analysis of your sales and marketing data.  Analyze your business using our predefined reports or graphical statistical displays.

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