An API that gives you full flexibility

QBIS Connect is a smart solution that, just as it sounds, connects QBIS with the world.

Use QBIS Connect to seamlessly and effortlessly share information between QBIS and other business systems within your organisation. This will mean that it will be no longer necessary to manually update the same data in several business systems.

QBIS Connect API

Maximize the value of your data

As organisations grow they are expanding their intranets, updating internal business systems and facing all the familiar problems of system integration. At the heart of these activities lies a common set of critical information. XML technology can maximise the value of that information.

QBIS Connect is your API

Using QBIS Connect you will be able to connect QBIS to other business systems and other business processes within your organisation. You will be able to share data between your systems, relieving administration and effort for maintaining several systems.

Extract information from QBIS in whatever format you want.  If the information is in QBIS then you can extract it.

With QBIS Connect you can schedule reports or synchronisation to automatically occur whenever you want.

Integrates your systems


  • Centralise administration of systems
  • Remove maintenance of several systems
  • Increase company effectiveness
  • Increase Data Accuracy
  • Analyse your data the way you want
  • Automation of reports
  • Build on specific functions to QBIS

Use QBIS Connect for this:

Reports in QBIS


Make your own reports – if you have the need to customize the data for more specific analysis.

Show information

Show status of, for example, your projects directly on your intranet or list your employees’ contact information there to avoid administration in two places.

Form input

Connect form input

If you for example have  a web page with contact form, you can connect the data to automatically go to QBIS.

Integrations to other systems

Integrate other systems

Transfer information from QBIS to your business system i.e. billing or payroll system in real time.

QBIS apps


QBIS Apps – wirk in QBIS from your smart phone – with QBIS Connect you can do it in an simple and safe way.

QBIS Time touch screen

Digital time Touch Screen

QBIS  Time Touch Screen – register come and go times from a touch screen using QBIS Connect

QBIS Connect API

Connect different parts of your business with QBIS Connect

By reviewing the information exchange between systems you can be more efficient, saving time and money and not least – you get a high quality of your data.


QBIS Connect – FAQ

Is QBIS Connect secure?

Yes. In order to use QBIS Connect you need to have system administrator rights for your QBIS Account. All information is sent and received over HTTPS in encrypted format. Your System administrator can also switch on and off the function within QBIS and even limit data transfer to specific IP addresses.

How can we get access to QBIS using QBIS Connect?

If you are an existing QBIS customer then you can order QBIS Connect via the contact form on this website or alternatively send an email to requesting that the service is switched on. If you are a new customer to QBIS then simply select the Connect module along with the other QBIS modules when fill in the Order Form on this site.

Now that I have ordered QBIS Connect how can I extract data from QBIS?

Once you signed up for using QBISConnect there will be online documentation made available within the module detailing how to talk to the interface. If you do not have any technical resources within your organization to take full advantage of the service please contact our helpdesk for assistance.

What is XML that QBIS Connect is based on?

XML – the eXtensible Markup Language – is an open standard for structuring data. XML is developed and maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) and supported by most web browsers. XML is the language of the web.

If I create employees, projects or customers in QBIS can I get this information to automatically update our economy system?

Yes. One of the key benefits of XML services is to share data between systems.