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At QBIS we specialize in time and project management. QBIS is cloud-based and designed to be simple, fast, secure, accessible and flexible. It is a service we have delivered through the cloud since 2006.

Today we have several thousand users from different sectors, both private and public sectors. With years of experience in the industry, we know which solutions brings real benefits for you as an business.


QBIS is a very stable, safe and secure. The system has redundant servers deep in the bedrock and is backup several times per day. We focus on safety, so you can focus on your business.

Always available

You can reach QBIS from wherever you are with Internet access. Use your computer or phone.
The system has an uptime of 99.9%.


QBIS Time is a cost-effective system for both large and small companies. You pay a low price per user and you’ll never pay for more people than you use. The more users you have, the lower the price per user.

No own installation

Since QBIS is cloud based requires no investment in hardware or installation of software on computers. There are no implementation costs and always free updates.

Cloud based

QBIS is offered as a secure service over the Internet. It is a cloud service that provides a simple, hassle free way to work. We handle the technical parts.

Free updates

We are constantly developing new features in QBIS. Since QBIS is completely cloud-based, you get all the updates directly and do not have to upgrade to new versions.

The support we get from QBIS is first class. Not only to solve a problem in a quick and efficient manner with good communication, but also co-operate in coming up with new ideas and functions.

Stephen Lang, Findwise

QBIS is very easy to use for everyone involved by time reporting with thier smartphone. Everyone involves can easily and quickly report their time, whether they are standing on the runway or sitting in a project meeting.

Niclas Friberg, Stockholm Skavsta Airport

With QBIS we have the opportunity for growth and change both existing applications, users and functionality. QBIS also have the flexibility to expand as business needs increase, there's no limit to how many we can get.

Mathias Törnblom, CEO, Envoke IT

A partner to trust


QBIS Business Systems Ltd is owned by QLogic AB, the developers of QBIS business solutions. It is a privately owned company founded in 2001 that focuses upon supplying IT services and specialist expertise to a diverse group of business entities.  Our services span the entire information and communication technology environment and we can advise customers on their IT strategy, implement technology projects and manage elements of their technology on their behalf. We have specialist expertise and skills in the area of business analysis, project management and system management.

Visit www.qlogic.se

QLogic AB

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High availability and security

QLogic provides a stable and secure operation of QBIS, so our customers can focus on their core business and not have to worry about the network and security vulnerabilities. Our servers are located in high security vaults in newly built server rooms. QBIS is built to handle thousands of simultaneous users. Of course, all our systems are protected against viruses and other attacks, and we log all incoming and outgoing traffic. We also have multiple levels of redundancy for all systems and everything is monitored around the clock, year round, to be able to offer our customers a high availability and security.