Time system for better payroll management


Do you want to simplify and streamline the administration of your payroll?

With QBIS Time, you can save up to 75% of the time you spend on payroll management. 



Simplifying and streamlining payroll management

QBIS Time simplifies and streamlines time reporting and time for salaries in a company. Salaries are largely based on time worked. The key is to know the deviations that occurred to an employee time sheet during a working month, such as illness, overtime or vacation. All of this is captured in QBIS when employees report their working time and their deviations continuously in the system.

Expenses is also important for payroll. Managing expenses is a standard in QBIS with a larg number of options and features. QBIS also comes with vacation planning. This enables you to have complete documentation when it is time to prepare your payroll.

For organizations with more complex needs both scheduling and time tracking connected to a collective agreement is possible, which ensures that the right salary activity always is used whenever employyes on a schedule report time.

All time that has been reported is approved weekly basis which makes the time in the system is correct and ready when it is time for payroll management.

Tidrapportering för lönehantering

Make your payroll easier

Time for payroll in a few steps

1. Employees  report all time and expenses directly into QBIS.
2. A manager certifies weekly that everything reported is correct
3. An administrator import all data to the payroll system. After a few keystrokes the job done, reports are sent and employees receive their salary.
Integrationer med QBIS

Integrerated to your systems

The administrative work goes faster and you avoid dubble work. QBIS is conveniently integrated with other systems. We have links to most of today‘s most popular business applications.

What system do you use?

With QBIS Time you get:

  • A functional and user friendly time systems via web and app.
  • The freedom to manage all time for salaries wherever you want.
  • Integrations to leading payroll and accounting systems.
  • Automatic backups and version updates.

We love to talk about time and payroll!

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Why choose QBIS for time management?

All systems are good at various things. QBIS is one of the most advanced tools for managing any type of time. Many time systems are light and you easily grow out of them as your needs on how you want to manage, measure and analyze time change and often become more complex.

QBIS has a huge variety of features that ensures that you never grow out of the system. You can add any number of users at any time, manage large number of wages, in the same simple way as if you were a handfull of emplyees in the company.

Simply put, QBIS is a comprehensive system for those who value time