Change Log

QBIS is constantly getting better. We listen to the wishes of our customers and our dedicated team ensures that QBIS evolve with the ambition to be the best system for you.

Here we list all the updates we make in QBIS.

December Hotfix


  • The system module has finally gained a refreshed UI experience with qbis 2.0 look and feel
  • Fixed a problem with the link to send late-timesheet reminders from the Approval Assistant widget


  • Enhanced the Direct approval of timesheets on Approve Timesheets page. Restrictions who can use and the ability to control who can use Direct approval of time cards with and without deviations. Configuration settings are set by Administrator in the System Module.
  • Issues encountered when logging in and access rules with IP address range were enabled have been fixed.

November Hotfix


  • Fixed an error that affected some users who could not access the invoice page in QBIS


  • Start times were missing on the XML export for the Staff ledger
  • When approving timesheets, some employees were missing in the list if the employee was not under the manager approving directly.

November update 2018

Upcoming integrations

  • Wint invoice and salary integration. A lot of time has been spent on our new salary and invoice integration for Wint. The integration is under testing before a public release soon.

Upcoming New

  • The System Control module has now been re-designed to conform with our new QBIS 2.0 look and feel to . The module name has been shortened to System.
    NOTE: The new System control is under final testing and is not currently visible to the users.

Invoice Integrations – Improvement

  • Export lodging amounts to Visma Lön. The Visma Lön salary export now supports lodging amounts to be exported from QBIS.
  • Improvement of the Visma administration integration application, including support for Byråstöd
  • Include default salary activity in PAXML export. Previously the default salary activity was excluded from the export.
  • Added support for Fortnox supplier approval workflow for the Fortnox Supplier Invoice synchronizer. The feature adds possibility to only synchronize supplier invoices to QBIS that has been approved in Fortnox.
    To be able to use this feature, the supplier approval workflow needs to be ordered in Fortnox and the setting in the Fortnox integration setup in QBIS needs to be enabled.

Dashboard / Widgets – Bugs fixed

  • Not possible to edit activity factor in the Project Time widget.
  • The link for late timesheets on the Approval assistant is selecting the wrong status filtering
  • Add default Widget order per permission type in QBIS. The Widget order is now sorted in a certain order depending on the user’s permission when the database is setup. NOTE: The bigger bureaus (GT, BDO) are not affected by this change as they already have a predefined order.

Project Invoice manager – Improvements

  • Show decimals in the invoice manager. It is now possible to have all values in the Invoice Manager to be displayed with decimals. The user has the possibility to turn the feature on or off in the project setup.
  • Make materials names appear in invoice manager. The name of materials is now visible in the canvases so that the project manager have a better possibility to know what they are approving to be invoiced
  • Added an explanatory tool tip to the Split fixed price if function is unavailable. Previously the split fixed price action was hidden when the full amount had been split without any visible signs why. Now the action is visible but disabled and with an explanatory text with the reason.
  • Reverse the fix in the invoice manager with the scroll bars since they ruin the overview. The scrollbars appearing on the canvases on the Invoice Manger on smaller screens are now disable and the canvases will now instead align in vertical to increase the visibility of the values.

Time-Off planner – Bugs fixed

  • Long time-off request fails. Requesting very long time-off’s could result in an error message due to time-out

Reports – improvement

  • Add possibility to show Salary activity groups in the Salary Activity Statement Report. As a manager it is now possible to see the total of e.g.  Overtime and not only the ingoing values for all employees in one place.

CRM – Bugs fixed

  • CRM Sales pipe line does not take currency in account when calculating. When multiple currencies were used the calculations did not do any currency exchange to the selected currency.


  • Improved description text for the Project report Project Risk Assessment to increase the understanding of the reports purpose.


  • General language text bug fixes and improvements

October update 2018


  • Export project time to salary systems supporting PAXML format
  • Enable negative values on Materials to support the possibility to create credit notes for Materials.
  • Approve Time – Only Timesheets with Deviations (Approve without looking at the Timesheet, Extensions to filters and usable columns for an improved approval feeling)
    • Now you can direct approve timesheets without going throught the approval cycle
    • New columns showing if any deviations exists and if there are any unapproved project hours. Usable with the direct approve functionality for a quicker approval procedure.
    • New filters allowing the user to filter on, department, Manager and week
    • New Status filters for Closed – No deviation and Closed – Deviations instead of the old Closed Status filter for a more fine grained selection.
    • The user experiences on the page has been improved, including a more distinct Status column view and minimized view of the secondary function buttons
  • Approve Expenses
    • The user experiences on the page has been improved, including a more distinct Status column view and minimized view of the secondary function buttons
  • Fortnox Integration
    • The Fortnox supplier invoice synchronizer has been improved to make the Material name in QBIS more clear by including Invoice number, Supplier name and Article name in the QBIS name field.
    • If the Article name does not exist on the supplier invoice that is synchronized from Fortnox the field kontobeskriving is used instead.

Project Reports – Bugs fixed

  • Project Result Analysis Report Columns selector gets hidden when the graphs area is collapsed
  • Project Result Analysis Report Columns selector and report columns are switched
  • Some QBIS 2.0 reports cannot return value when it’s schedule with ‘All’ period
  • Some reports not generated in FF when using HTTPS

Salary exports – Bugs fixed

  • Full day registration outside schedule missed in Hogia Salary export

Invoice export – Bugs fixed 

  • Change to case insensitive compare in Visma Invoice Export

Other – Bugs fixed

  • “Uppgiftsplanerare” on dashboard not in caps
  • Quick Time Arrive Leave Widget – Auto close message is shown constantly for the same day

Project templates – Bugs fixed

  • Create project through template and employee who’s manager only receives read-only rights on documents

QBIS TouchScreen – Bugs fixed

  • Touchscreen rounding issue transfers incorrect registration
    • Due to an incosistency when rounding minutes in the Touchscreen the transfered working time was sometimes creating deviations.

September update 2018


  • QBIS Project invoicing integration for Procountor

August update 2018

Timesheet time-off registration – New

  • Report Long-term Time off. A long-awaited feature for the Time module has now been released. Registering time on a salary activity during a longer period in one go can be used to simplify time registration for e.g. longterm vacation or sickness periods.

Project Activity list – Bugs fixed

  • When a project activity list was refreshed the page number indication was failing and showed NaN instead of the actual number.
  • End dates where not shown in the project activity list for rows with a phase

Project – Bugs fixed

  • Don’t show price and cost to user.  As a regular user it was possible to see the price and cost on a project if the project price model was set to project member.
  • Edit Activity dialog: total percentage of members allocated time could be over 100%. When set activity member’s allocated hours, the total percentage of allocated hours could be over 100%. Then validation of the activity will be failed.

Project invoice manager – Bugs fixed

  • Not possible to enter/save decimal values for project activity in the Invoice manager. It was not possible to add decimal values in the invoice manager (Edit hours). If a decimal value was entered the value changed to a zero.
  • Changing price level of project makes invoice amount wrong. When price and cost model was changed on project with existing data on the right canvas old calculations remained and showing erroneous values.
  • Previously it was not possible to set negative values when editing invoice rows. Due to that it was not possible to create credit invoices.

Edit Project – Improvement

  • Multiple success messages pop up when saving a project. When saving a project multiple success messages could be shown instead of a single message.

Project reports – Bugs fixed

  • Time format is not correct for Time Deviation Report. Due to an issue with date formatting in the Time Deviation Report the date field for employee and department level was showing “NaN-NaN-NaN” instead of the date.
  • Project Result Analysis Report excel export columns are misaligned when rows are expanded in the user interface before exporting.

Time reports – New

  • Time Analysis by Project Category – Employee. The report will show a comparison of how much of the employees time that is spent on a certain category of projects. The report can be used for:
    • See how much time your employees have spent on R&D projects compared to actual hours worked
    • Automatic calculation of R&D deduction
    • Elucidates if deduction is allowed or not

Reports global – Bugs fixed

  • Scheduled Reports doesn’t work. Due to issues with the language support the QBIS Report scheduler did not function correctly.

Integrations – Improvement

  • Added support for Visma byråstöd to the Visma administration integration. Now our Visma Administration integration supports the Visma Byråstöd addon so that bureaus can take advantage of the integration in a easier and more efficient way.

Language support – Bugs fixed

  • Different language texts mixed on login page. Issues with the language support showed mixed languages on the login page.

Service desk – Bugs fixed

  • Reply service desk email and get blank email. Issues with the email templates made some sent emails to end up blank without content.
  • User can’t open service requests. A date format issue was preventing some service desk errands to be opened.

Notification emails – Bugs fixed

  • QBIS link in VacationRequestSEndRequestMail template is not correct. The link to QBIS in the Vacation request email has been corrected to link to the correct production environment.

Dashboard Project Time Widget – Bugs fixed

  • Prevent deletion of activity that is running in Project Time widget. It was possible to delete a running activity, making the timer to be unstoppable and showing a blank widget.

Dashboard Approval Assistant – Bugs fixed

  • The time-off requests row did not  show the correct number of requests.

Danish salary integrations – New

  • Datalon salary integration. First API based salary integration for QBIS making the export seamless and file transfer free.

Danish invoice integrations – New

  • Dinero invoice integration. Connect and export your QBIS invoice data to Dinero.
  • E-conomics invoice integration. Connect and export your QBIS invoice data to E-conomics.

June update 2018

QBIS in Danish

  • We are glad to announce that QBIS is now possible to use in Danish. Any Danish customers or users can switch on the Danish interface in their settings page.

Resource Planner – Improvements

  • If a resource was not already a member on a project, QBIS wouldn’t allow you to add the resource to a project activity from the Resource Planner. We have now updated the software to automatically add the new resource to the project at the same time as adding the resource to the project activity.

Project Page – Bugs Resolved

  • It certain situations adding more than one category to a project would not hold the additional categories, this is now resolved.
  • Adding project members to an activity didn’t bring across any central hourly cost and price for the resource. This has now been resolved.

Project Invoicing – Improvements

  • In the Approved Invoice section and the Invoice History section of a project we have added 2 new columns showing the number of non-billable and billable hrs worked connected to the invoice. This is very useful when looking at manually adjusted invoices to see what the adjustment related to.  Relating to this we have removed the option for viewing the invoice with adjustments as it is now redundant functionality.
  • The invoice history page has been moved from its own page to a new section underneath the 2 invoicing canvases on the Invoice Manager page. The benefit with this is that the project manager can see exactly how much has been already invoiced in the project while making new invoices, without having to leave the page.
  • We have made it much easier to split fixed priced items i.e. project and activities, than previously. Now there is a new menu item on the fixed price row on the approve time and materials canvas called “Split Fixed Price” which makes easy to divide the fixed price up into different parts and assign invoicing dates and invoicing texts.

Project Invoicing – Bug Resolved

  • There was an issue on the Prepare Invoices page when you deselect invoices to preview that the system would still show all invoices. This is now resolved.
  • If you added Invoice Text to a part of a fixed price item, the text would not appear on the invoice canvases, invoice report or in the export to the billing system. This is now resolved.

Project Time Analysis – Improvements

  • It was confusing when you set the time period for the report to show all data. In the report header it said “All” which leads you believe the report is for all customers rather than a time period.  We have changed this to say “Period: All”.

Time and Materials Report – Bugs Resolved

  • The report displayed the cost value for expense items and not the price value if it differed from the cost. This is now fixed.
  • The View details button now expands the details for materials and expense items, previously only time items would be expanded.
  • If the price model for the project was set to activity member then the report was duplicating activity. This is now fixed.
  • There was a calculation error making the unit price of travel km/mileage show the incorrect values on the report. This has now been corrected

Project Result Report – Improvements

  • We have added the Project code and department code as new columns that can be displayed on the report.

Project Report Scheduler – Improvement

  • The area in the report scheduler page where one set filters and settings for the report has been re-designed to improve the layout of the setting. It is now easier to see set all settings and filters for the scheduled report.

Project Templates – Improvements

  • Now when you create a new project from a project template you are given the choice to use the start and end dates set on the template or alternatively enter new start and end dates.

Project Templates – Improvements

  • We addressed an issue encountered by users with Project Management privileges couldn’t access the Project Templates page.
  • We addressed a problem that some users encountered while trying to display  Global Project Templates.

Project – Business Forecast Widget Improvement

  • The Business Forecast Widget has been updated to read the budgeted and forecasted income for activities, when the price model for the project is set to use the Activity price Model. Previously the forecast was using the project dates only when determining income.

Staff Ledger – Improvements

  • The Staff ledger has been enhanced to fulfill the requirements from skatteverket and to improve functionality for the managers.
  • Added possibility to retrieve historical data for any date range
  • Added possibility to filter data for a single employee
  • Added mandatory and non-mandatory fields in the export to fulfil requirements and to enhance the usage of the export

Time Sheet Approval – Improvements

  • After our latest QBIS update some customers experienced that the Timesheet approval page was slower to load than before. We have now optimized this page to be much quicker.

May update 2018

QBIS 2.0 Project go live!!

February update 2018


  • Make the Service Desk errand page wider to allow more information without scrolling sideways


  • The week numbers in QBIS 2.0 calendars are not showing the correct week
  • Project Time Widget become blank after stopping timer

January update 2018


  • Modify validation of expense sheet date and expense date of lodging to only compare with To date of lodging and mileage expense.


  • Overflow bug in the report “Månadsvis projektanalys av aktiviteter samt resurser”
  • Time added to standard deviation when vacation request are approved. When you approve a vacation request, time are added to box Left on the time sheet and standard deviation on Monday of the first week
  • Scheduled report can’t be sent to multiple receiver

December update 2017


  • Added support for Export of project time and info to Hogia Lön


  • Fixed bug when Prepare Payroll page freeze for 45s after changing date field
  • OB doesn’t exclude breaks during weekends
  • Fixed bug occurring on half day flextime request for non full days

November update 2017


  • Time zone support for Quick Time Arrive/Leave Widget
  • Option to control sign of exported deviations in PAXML exports
  • Option to not export extra working time in PAXML exports


  • QBIS Touchscreen does not calculate salary activities with factor (HR schedule)

October update 2017


  • Time Admin cannot modify (edit/remove) the vacation request which is approved by him/her
  • Time added to the report Time Deviation Comparison that does not belong in the report
  • On the Materials widget changed the unit field to allow 5 characters

September update 2017

  • New shiny QBIS dashboard logo

August update 2017


  • Add project activity name information to the delete project activity window on the Timesheet


  • When saving QBIS2 timesheet, always showed error message “The operation failed” even if the page was save correctly
  • Language issue on Approve activity time on the Time page administration

June update 2017


  • When using the Autofill working time functionality on the timesheet, it is now possible to exclude project activities to be auto filled on the working time. The exclusion is determined by a pre-edefined factor that won’t be used for anything else. The exclusion is setup in the system module.
  • To improve the workflow, expense sheets can now be re-opened by the employee until the expense sheet has been approved.


  • In certain cases it was not possible to change the password on the settings page when the password contained certain characters. This is fixed so that it is always possible to change.

May update 2017


  • Improved QBIS Schedules to support up to a 10-week schedule
  • Improved CRM Pipeline filtering
  • Show project name in the warning and error messages on the Timesheet
  • Update QBIS Iphone apps to support latest IOS version(Time, CRM and ServiceDesk)
  • Hide project panel on the expense registration page if only QBIS Time module is activated
  • Create Project activities from within a Service desk errand


  • Week numbers were misaligned on the vacation planner and with the display option 3-Months view
  • Issues to approve vacation direcly on the time-off planner overview giving application error.
  • The Working time and Activity time sections are not aligned on the Timesheet
  • Import of supplier invoices does not work properly for some customers
  • Grouped clock time deviations exported for empty days to Hogia Lön Plus
  • The Time deviation report (QBIS2) did not show correct data if selected time was a year or above
  • Data overwritten from another customer database in QBIS2

April update 2017


  • 2nd Level of expense sheet approval
    Now there is a possibility to have a second level of approval for Expense sheets.  After the manager approves the employee’s expense sheet it is possible for an economy/payroll administrator to mark the sheet verified (“attesterat”) after they check that everything is entered correctly into the expense sheet and have all the associated receipts
  • Project time approval page
    After an employee completes/closes their weekly timesheet the project manager (site manager) should be able to approve the project activity time that belongs to their projects.  Thereafter the department manager (arbetschef) should be able to see that the project activity time has been approved and by which project managers and approve the whole timesheet.


  • PAXml GLCode not saved properly

March update 2017


  • Reallocation of Time Off Requests
    Reallocate the responsibility to approve time-off when a manger is away or the manager is changed.
  • QBIS Import of foreign expense rates through values from Skatteverket
    Do your employees travel to several countries then it can be time consuming to set them up manually. Use the foreign expense rate import to have all foreign expense rates from Skatteverket.
  • Automatic update of foreign expense rates.
    Have your foreign expense rates to be automatically updated from Skatteverket.
  • Possibility to use reduction of meal deduction setup with percentage deduction.
    Set up your meal reduction to use deduction by percentage instead of fixed value. The deduction is done against the expense rate. Especially good along with automatic foreign expense rate updates.
  • Added import function for salary activity balances
    Update salary activity balances through file import. Possibility to change balance or balances for a single or multiple user.



  • The Salary Activity Balance report shall have the ability to only show active employees
  • Service Desk report Time to include filtering
    A new filtering option for the Service Desk report to be able to include all registered time for an errand that has been closed on a certain date or in a period.
  • Logia Lön Plus Schema export shall exclude employees with non-numerical employee number
    In QBIS it’s possible to have non-numerical employee numbers but not in Hogia Lön Plus. It is now possible to export even if you have non-numerical employee numbers in QBIS as they are now exluded from the export.


February update 2017


  • Contract management in QBIS HR now handles configuration of the OB for the number of hours worked. Set up the agreement to register the OB hours when the employee registered hours exceeding regular working contract hours.
  • Handle your employees ATF (Reduction of working time) directly in QBIS. Get QBIS HR module to setup you schedules and to have your employees ATF automatically calculated.
  • Enhanced export for Hogia Lön Plus to exporting start and end times for salary activities to support partial absences. User interface changes has been made to QBIS to allow an employee to enter start and end time for these activities.
  • Now you can group your salary activities so that it’s possible to create a bank of time or any other similar grouping. Group your bank of time to show the total number of hours an employee have. The parent can calculate the total number of hours that has been earned on the different child salary activities.


  • Visma salary export has been improved to support deductable and non-deductable VAT for representation to used and exported to different salary codes.
  • The Salary Activity report has been enhanced to give a better understanding of reported lodging. All expenses of the type lodging in the report will now also contain the lodging type and location information.
  • Users with the permission level Time administrators now have the abilty to approve or apply Time-off requests for any employee in the company.
  • For an improved flow when approving time-off request it’s now also possible to close the week at the same time.
  • As an administrator you can now control what salary activities to be shown to the employee in the Time-off planner. Now only salary activities that have the “Requestable” property will be shown for the employees in the Time-off planner view.

January update 2017


  • Fortnox suppliers invoice and project number synchronization.
    The integration between QBIS and Fortnox has been extended to allow even more automation between the applications. We have added two great additions:
    – Create your projects in QBIS and have them synchronized to Fortnox so you only need to update your information in one place
    – Synchronize your Supplier invoice data to QBIS projects so that you can have them in your customer invoices.


  • QBIS 2 Time reports to show Inactive employee if they have selected time period.
    We now made the new reports even smarter, to only show employees that have registered time during the selected time frame. This includes both the employee drop-downs and the actual report.


  • Approval assistant linked pages does not filter correctly.
    The filtering on the Approve Time and Expenses pages did not apply correctly and always used the latest used filters when following a link from the approval assistant. The issue has been fixed and the filters are now applied correct.

December update 2016


  • Users can now reopen their closed but not approved timesheets without the hazzle of requesting timesheet reopen from managers or administrators
  • Project mass approval and mark as ready in a few clicks process



  • For project managers that have big piles of projects each month to approve materials and time, the process can be quite time consuming. We have improved this workflow to make it possible for project administrators to mass approve and mark as ready projects in a few simple clicks.


  • The auto-generation of project numbers has been improved to be more flexible. It is now possible to select a starting number for the autogeneration and to be able to select if the format shall have a separator between the prefix and the auto-generated number.
  • Adding several activities from the same project on your timesheet just got easier. Last selected customer/project is now remembered and pre-selected.
  • Employees with user permissions can now re-open their timesheets as long as it has not been approved. When a user re-opens their timesheet a message will be shown for managers and adminstrators that can approve the employees timesheet if they have the same week and employee showing on the timesheet.


  • E-mails sent from Servicedesk containing Chinese characters is not displayed correctly in the e-mail.
  • Minor visual bug fix for Prepare payroll tab for Hogia Lön Plus where the textboxes where cut-off on one side.
  • Users using Chrome on Android mobiles could not register time on the timesheet correctly.

November update 2016


QBIS 2.0 Report engine has been released.

Watch the latest webinar about the new report engine to get going.


  • Visual redesign of the action buttons to always be at the top within a frozen panel. Action buttons will now always be at your disposal wherever you are on the page.
  • AutoFill of Working Time Cells on the Time Sheet. When the user enters time against project activities on the timesheet the Working Time cells will be automatically calculated and filled in. This can be activated in the System Control.
  • Project time to the Visma Salary export. The export now supports export of project time.


  • In HR schedules a Manager shall only be able to delete their own created schedules


  • When using a IPhone the activity dropdowns on the timesheet always showed a keyboard even if no search box was available.
  • At a certain windows size the menu bar wrapped and the height was doubled.
  • The prefilled time disappeared for some users randomly. The issue has been corrected.

October update 2016


  • Working time widget – Automatic leave at a certain time. Are you using the Working time widget as time clock. Sometimes users forget to press go when leaving. QBIS can be set up to automatically press go for all users that has forgot at a certain time. The day after the user will have a message in the Widget and cannot press Come before correcting the previous day on the timesheet.
  • Do you need the same project activities that you used last week and think it’s waste of time to add them again. Now you don’t need to, save time and use the “Add last week’s activites to my timesheet”
  • As a Hogia portal user you now have the possibility login directly to QBIS without go via the Hogia portal.
  • Searchbox to the Customer/project & activity dropdown on the Timesheet. Now you can easier search and find your project or project activities using the built-in search field when adding project activities on the timesheet.
  • White labeling improvement. Set up your custom logo and greetings text used in the emails sent from QBIS to conform with  your company’s standard.


  • The password field in the Personnel module shall be automatically expanded when error occurs. If auto fill-in was activated in the web browser the password could automatically be filled-in on the employee page when editing. This caused an error to occur due to wrong password and the page could not be saved. If the password section was collapsed nothing indicating the error. The section is now expanded if error occour.
  • Visual global improvements
    – The sub-menu now get hidden after mouse cursor is moved out.
    – Page heading size has been decreased and the section has been frozen.
  • When receipt images is saved under expenses the image rotation information is now also stored so that the image is shown in the chosen rotation.
  • Sort receipt number in numeric order if all numbers are numeric. The receipt numbers on the expense sheet page are now sorted in correct order.


  • Export – Visma salary, change of VAT will not save. It was not possible to save changes to the VAT field in the Visma salary export. This issue has been corrected.
  • Working time widget shall only show Total when using Working time only. The Working time widget did show more fields than it should if the employee was setup to use working time only.
  • Visual improvements for widgets. There were size differences in some widget headings that has been corrected.
  • If “Show working time” was disabled for a user it was not possible to switch between Week and Day view on the timesheet.
  • In some cases the registered salary activity time could disappear when saving. This issue is now been corrected.
  • Large expense reciept images was always shown in full size independent of the screen size. The image could overflow the screen on small devices. The receipt image view size will now be controlled by the screen size.
  • If a company have a big number of departments, the department dropdown list on the project overview page did not remembered all selected items in the list due to list was truncated when sent to the server. The issue has been solved by enlarging the allowed data size to be sent from the dropdown.
  •  When a user opened the project activity detail view selected the factor field to be in focus when entering the view. The factor field is no longer set to focus by default.

September update 2016


  • Hogia Lön Plus project time export
  • Export data historical control


  • You can now select if you want the system to remember what has been previously exported to your selected salary system.
    – If you export data for the same period several times, QBIS will now remember the exported data and not export it again.
    – Each time you export data and have already exported data for the selected period, QBIS will give you the option to either make a full export for the period and include already exported data or only export data that has not been exported before.
    Support for the export data history control is enabled in the setup of your selected salary export.
  • A new option is now available for the Hogia Lön Plus salary export if you have the project module, exporting of project data.
    When setting up your export, you have the option to also select project time.
    – Setup your project activities with salary codes to be included in your export
    – Make it simple for project managers to create new activities with correct salary code by creating activity templates including predefined salary code.
    – Possibility to enter base accounts for expenses, separate for VAT, Deductable and NonDeductable Representation
    – Possibility to export project numbers for expenses
  • We have now added system integration for Salary time into SAP.  Please contact your local QBIS Representive to hear more about getting your QBIS connected to SAP!


  • As an administration you now have the possibility to restrict the users from selecting or removing widgets on the Dashboard. The administrator can also configure the Dashboard for single users.
  • Customise QBIS to fit your company profile even further with enhanced White labeling. You now have the possibility to set your own logo and signature on the notification emails sent by QBIS. Contact QBIS if you are interested in White labeling.
  • Assign a designated QBIS support at your own company to handle your users issues and requests. As a QBIS administrator you now have the possibility to configure the QBIS sidebar support form to send email to a designated mailbox inside your company instead of directly go to QBIS Support. This will help your company to control who and what types or errands that are sent to the QBIS support.
  • The new working time Start/Stop widget has got improvements and is performing even better
    – Geo location performance has been increased to give a nicer user experience
    – Prevent user to click twice to same action.
    – Setting up the widget has been improved, you don’t need think about enable Allow Card/PIN registration in the system control.
  • When entering absence it’s easy to forget to also change the working time, leading up to wrong number of hours on salary activities. From now on, QBIS will automatically reset your working hours (Arrive, Lunch and Leave) if the number of hours on the absense equals the contracted hours for the day.

August update 2016


  • White labeling


  • Now you can white label QBIS to fit your organisation with custom color and logos. Contact your sales representative to if you would like to get it going.

 + Backend improvements and bugfixes


July update 2016


  • Start/Stop clock for working time packaged in a widget. Light weight punch clock that can be used on a computer or on a mobile device, with support for geo location tracking.


  • Do your company have the need for a punch clock but a stationary doesn’t fit your needs due to the personell are mobile. QBIS has now a light weight start/stop timer easily accessable directly from the dashboard on any mobile or computer browser. The widget supports come / go and break. If you need to know the location of the clock in were made, we also support for the activation of geolocation shown for each clock in. Activate the start / stop clock for working time in the system control.


  • Now you don’t need to make the scheduled hours visible each time you go into a time sheet. QBIS will now remember your last decision if it should be visible or not.
  • When manager or admin was approving time sheets or expense sheets unintentional clicking on the row could happen causing expense or time detailed page to open.
  • Native numeric (Android) and alphanumeric (IOS) keyboard are now shown when entering time in the time sheet in mobile browsers to enhance the user experience.


  • The Timer events view for Touch Screen and Working hours start/stop widget did not wrap text lines correctly so that the text could overflow and create unreadable text lines.
  • An error in the Hogia lön export excluded company name and organization number from the created export file.
  • When clicking on a Service desk errand link in a Time sheet description and then returning by closing the errand, the time sheet did not load the page fully.

 + Backend improvements and bugfixes

June update 2016


Now you don’t need to think about what to enter in the project code field when creating a new project. It’s now possible to have QBIS auto create your project codes. The codes are either created with a default prefix name or dependent on a specific project category prefix. The project code auto creation will also make sure there are no gaps in the numbering or that someone else takes your project code while you are entering your project details. Get started today by enabling it in the System module.

Hide IN/OUT buttons on your Touch Screen

If you have a lot of projects,  loading the project overview could take long time to load. Now the overview have paging that will reduce the load time.


  • Automatic project code generation using a single default prefix or a prefix per project category.
  • Are you a Touch Screen user and don’t use the In/Out function in QBIS? Now you can inactivate the buttons on the Touch Screen UI to have a cleaner user interface.


  • To increase the load performance of the project overview page if there are a very large amount of projects to load paging has been added. With this approach there is less data to be transmitted and the view will be updated faster.


  • The time sheet day view was showing the incorrect day when changing date in some circumstances. This behavior made the user believe that the data was not properly saved.
  • Prefilled working time setup page did not handle language support correctly. Some objects was shown in English even if Swedish language was selected.
  • Receipt number with more than 9 characters caused crash when loading expense sheet in QBIS

May update 2016


It should not be complicated to configure and run payroll exports. QBIS salary exports has got a brand new look and a clear flow both for configuring different export settingsand to run the payroll exports.

Follow status changes of expense sheets or see who’s changed a status and when. A new history view has been brought into the expense sheets.

Time-off request page has been optimized increasing the load performance. The load time has been decreased with approximately 50%

Back-end development for the upcoming new time reports


  • Redesigned workflow and user interface for the salary exports
  • History view of status changes on the expense sheets
  • New connection, Visma business integration


  • The project activity company name on the Time sheet shows abbreviated name but should show the full company name
  • Time-off planner performance optimization, load time has been decreased with 50%


  • An error could occur if sorting on a column was made several times on the expense overview
  • Materials with the same article code but with different costs were grouped and the average value was shown as the price.
  • If editing a Time-off request the change of salary activity was not saved

April update 2016


Improved expense handling adding representation elements to the user interface and export functionality to Hogia Lön Plus

Auto calculation of shortest distance for Mileage including autocomplete location suggestion and map view of the trip


  • Mileage automatic distance calculation and location autocomplete – No need to look up street names and distances when registering mileage anymore. Auto complete to and from locations, use the automatic shortest distance calculation or enter distance manually. See the travel in a map.
  • Expenses functionality enhancements – Enhanced expenses handling giving you more possibilities including enhanced exports to Hogia Lön Plus
    – Add representation receipts, with number participants and names, purpose and amounts
    – Possibility to choose if the number of or the value shall be exported for lodgings and meal
    – Export of VAT to separate GL code and the choices of exporting the amounts as gross only, gross + VAT or NET + VAT
    – Export deductable and non deductable representation amounts to separate GL codes.
  • In the CRM pipe line overview the “% to close” has been added as a column so that a user can sort by that field value


  • Modify the employee drop down boxes so that it shows more employees – The height of the page heading employee selector on Time overview, Time sheet and Expenses overview page has been extended so that more employees are visible.
  • Add full screen view to the time-off view so that an manager or administrator can see a bigger picture – In the Time-off planner it is now possible to stretch the time-off overview so that more employees are visible at the same time
  • Remember the Time sheet view that the user last used – QBIS will now remember if the last Time sheet view was day or week view
  • Add receipt number to the expense list view under expense sheet – On the Time sheet the day view the day name is now showed in the date selector
  • Add a skip button for the expense sheet approve loop – A skip approve expense sheet button has been added to the administration approve expenses flow so that the approval flow can continue even if it’s not possible to approve a certain expense at the time.


  • Open Week reminder has a spelling issue – A minor grammatically issue has been corrected in the Open week reminder email sent from QBIS for then English language support
  • Reduction labels should not be static in QBIS2 expense sheet page – The editable labels for food reduction setup in the system module was not reflected in the expense view.
  • Time-off planner date picker shall always move 1 month backward or forward today it moves 3 months – In the Time-off planner the months moved 3 months in quarterly view, this made it impossible to see certain months in the same view. The datepicker has now be changed to move one month back or forward when in quarterly view.
  • Non requestable salary activities are showing in time-off planner – Salary activities that were set to be non-requestable was showing up in the time-off planner.
  • When opening an employee drop down menu and put the mouse pointer over and start scrolling focus is lost
  • On the Register time page Day view the “Touch screen Time Stamps” heading is shown even if you don’t have Touch screen
  • If a company only have Time module activated the Billable time Widget throws an error – An error was displayed in the billable time widget if the user only had Time module activated.
  • Export Time-off planner to Excel – The Time-off planner Excel export was not exporting all items. It has now been corrected.
  • Activities are not deleteable when one day in the week is disabled due to month close –
  • Multiple activities set to autoprefill in standard template – On the time sheet if one day of the week was in last month and the month was closed it was not possible to the activity even if no time was registered on it.
  • It is not possible to report time on projects from the dashboard on a Android mobile phone – Issue when registering time on the time sheet with certain Android + Chrome versions. Entered numbers didn’t show and the click event was sometimes not responsive.
  • No warning appears when closing Time sheet and there is a difference between working time and activity time

March update 2016


A lot of effort has been put to improve the loading time and improving the users experience of the time sheet. We are pleased to announce that we manage to increase the performance up to 600%. We have also limited the use of animations and having the page re-size during load. This has been one of our most asked improvement.


  • Personalliggare / Staff ledger – XML Report (Instant view)
  • Prefilled Time QBIS 2 implementation
  • QBIS Service Desk CC functionality (Carbon Copy)


  • Time sheet loading enhancements
  • Update week reminder emails to comply to QBIS 2 Look and View
  • Time sheet – Time page Project activity overview visual modifications
  • Time sheet – Change default tab order. The tab order has now changed to move vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Personalliggare / Ledger Improvements. The ledger can now be enabled/disabled so that companies not using the ledger functionality do not have not have the restrictions applied.
  • Employee drop down heading is now clickable on Time overview, Expense overview.


  • Global – Logged out when clicking “Byt Design” / Switch Design
  • Time sheet – Only one service desk link is visbile in the time sheet comment
  • TimeSheet – Missing confirm when closing empty week
  • Time sheet – For Fixed price, the project factor field is shown in Project time widget
  • Expenses –  The error message  “Could not save the expense sheet.”
  • Expenses – Expensesheet date can be changed after expenses are added
  • Expenses – Odd behaviour when adding new expense items

February updates 2016

Date 2016-02-16

Minor update with improvements on the new interface. 

  • (GLOBAL) Global QBIS performance improvements
  • (BUG) Project Time Widget- Issue when adding a new activity when one is selected
  • (BUG) Timepage – Issues could arise if same activity was added multiple times
  • (BUG) Timepage – Comments row expand icon was not working correctly in Firefox
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Timepage – Project activity names were refactored and only show full names instead of abbreviated
  • (BUG) Timepage – The project activity comment disappears if you switch to another day or activity without saving between
  • (BUG) Timepage – Project time issue when editing hours
  • (BUG) Timepage – Project activities reappeared in certain cases after they were deleted from timepage
  • (BUG) Timepage – Some users could not register time due to an issue with the Allow registration setting
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Timepage – Abbreviated project names were changed to full name where they appeared
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Timepage – Redesigned project information box
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Timepage – Redesigned Day view
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Timepage – Added deviation information box
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Expenses – Visual modification, showing the total under the amount
  • (IMPROVEMENT) Expenses – Mileage unit was missing

Date:  2016-02-08 kl. 00:00 CET

Release new QBIS Time for all users. New login page. New help center for QBIS Time.

January update 2016

Date 2015-12-26

Backend update for new QBIS and:

Type Summary Component/s Release note
Improvement New filter on Project category Project A new filter has been added to the Project Listing page making it possible for the user to now filter their projects using the Project Category filter.
Improvement New filter on Project invoices Project A new filter has been added to the Project Invoicing page to make it possible for the user to now filter their project invoices according to what category they belong to.
Improvement Synchronization over mobile network Apps, IOS, ServiceDesk The QBIS Service desk app now supports synchronization over mobile network
Improvement Improved project planning. Project Plan and follow up on your projects even better with the new QBIS material budgeting
New Staff ledger Full funtionality for staff ledger for building sector

December update

Date 2015-12-26

Backend update including preparations for new QBIS. BETA testing of the system.

Date 2015-12-08

Backend update.

November update

Date: 2015-11-26 – Major update

Major update which included preparations for the coming new QBIS that in near future will be available for our customers.

October update

Date: 2015-10-29 – Routine update

Type Summary Component/s Release note
Bug Invoice transaction report only showing current date Project, Project invoicing The project invoice pdf report has been enhanced and issues have been solved.
– The date specified on the report is now showing the invoice date and not the report creation date. The report creation date will still be shown until an invoice has been done.
– The invoice address is now the preferred address instead of postal address. The address will be used in the following order.
— Invoice address or if missing the postal address and if that is also missing the visiting address.
– The field City was missing in the report, that has now been added to show the full address.
Improvement Adding Clarity to the Project Invoice page when filters are used Project, Project invoicing We have improved the information presented and user-friendliness to the Project manager inside the Project Invoicing tab by showing separately the filtered totals and the total approved values. The filtering button has also been renamed to Filter to better show its purpose.

September update

Date: 2015-09-30 – Routine update

Type Summary Component/s Release note
Improvement Change password field in the export application to not reveal the actual password Visma Integration Improvements for the Visma admin export application
– The password for QBIS Connect is no long visible as clear text
– The user can now choose if the application shall remember the password
– The application auto connect only if the user has selected “Remember password” setting, giving the user the ability to choose the level of security.
Improvement Invoicetext in Visma Administration does not come out correct at all time Visma Integration Exported Invoice text to Visma admin was not always shown correctly in Visma. The exported text was in some cases cut-off or incorrect text could show up in the invoice text field. This has now been corrected.
Bug Make sure no date is sent to Visma when it shouldn’t Visma Integration The Visma admin invoice export incorrectly exported the fields Due date and Delivery date. As QBIS Project does not have those the data in those fields in Visma was incorrectly set.
Bug Activity missing when exporting to excel Exports, Time Vacaation planner overview excel report correction. If the wage activity vacation is surrounded of e.g. other wage activity as leave of absence. The vacation disappeared and could not be seen in the excel file.
Improvement QBIS order number shall be exported to Visma Visma Integration Visma admin invoice export now support export of QBIS order number.
Improvement Allow filtering on the task list on opportunity stage CRM In the CRM module task list view it is now possible to sort by Pipeline stage name. A Pipeline stage name column has also been added to the list view.
Available filtering levels:
– All
– Unassigned
or any stage name that is setup in the database

August update

Date: 2015-08-27 – Routine update

Type Summary Component/s Release note
Improvement Change password field in the export application to not reveal the actual password Visma Integration Improvements for the Visma admin export application
– The password for QBIS Connect is no long visible as clear text
– The user can now choose if the application shall remember the password
– The application auto connect only if the user has selected “Remember password” setting, giving the user the ability to choose the level of security.
Improvement Invoicetext in Visma Administration does not come out correct at all time Visma Integration Exported Invoice text to Visma admin was not always shown correctly in Visma. The exported text was in some cases cut-off or incorrect text could show up in the invoice text field. This has now been corrected.
Bug Make sure no date is sent to Visma when it shouldn’t Visma Integration The Visma admin invoice export incorrectly exported the fields Due date and Delivery date. As QBIS Project does not have those the data in those fields in Visma was incorrectly set.
Bug Activity missing when exporting to excel Exports, Time Vacaation planner overview excel report correction. If the wage activity vacation is surrounded of e.g. other wage activity as leave of absence. The vacation disappeared and could not be seen in the excel file.
Improvement QBIS order number shall be exported to Visma Visma Integration Visma admin invoice export now support export of QBIS order number.
Improvement Allow filtering on the task list on opportunity stage CRM In the CRM module task list view it is now possible to sort by Pipeline stage name. A Pipeline stage name column has also been added to the list view.
Available filtering levels:
– All
– Unassigned
or any stage name that is setup in the database