A brand new QBIS 

QBIS releases a completely new interface with a focus on simplicity, functionality and content. New QBIS is built on the latest technology and is unique of its kind by being responsive which means that it works on all of your devices, such as phones, computers, and tablets with no software to installed.

A modern interface


The most visible change is the move to a modern interface with a focus on simplicity, functionality and content. The basic idea is to make everything easier, faster, and smarter. The system is logically designed, makes all workflows more easily, remember your choices and give you templates and help. Overviews and summaries are a central part of the new system that allows you to easily visually what you do and how you are – wherever you are.

Responsive business system

Responsive design means that QBIS can change appearance depending on your screen size. It does not matter if you use your computer, tablet or mobile phone while you work, QBIS works well no matter what you choose. Since QBIS is cloud-based, you work anywhere regardless of device and Web browser – in a simple and flexible way.

Easier, faster and smarter

“Behind the update is years of planning and preparation. We have listened to our customers, studied the market and looked at future trends to create the best product possible.” Louise Jeansson, marketing manager at QBIS explains. “Our goal is that we will be the obvious choice for time and project management online. QBIS is a very feature-rich system but the years has grown in the number of features and modules. To future-proof system and further improve the user-friendliness do we do now about the whole QBIS gradually. The system gets a stylish, user-friendly design the same basic idea: to make everything easier, faster, and smarter.” Louise Jeansson explains.

Louise Jeansson, Marknadsansvarig på QBIS

Louise Jeansson, QBIS

New QBIS Time is here 

QBIS consists of four modules: Time Accounting, Project Management, CRM and case management. The first module released with new design was Time Recording together with a framework with a new login page, a new dashboard that becomes a powerful start and a completely new help section.


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