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QBIS is a well established time tracking and project management tool online that is both powerful and flexible. Some of the many popular features include time tracking, billable time and project planning. Integrated and appreciated.

Time Tracking

Easy Time Tracking with your phone or computer. Everything from come and go time to billable hours. With powerful time tracking functions plus expenses, scheduling and vacation planning. Made so you can spend time on what counts: your core business.

Project Management

Collaborate online with all of your projects in this powerful system. Maximize your company’s resources and see in real time how you are performing. Created for successful project management. 


Smart CRM system that helps you manage all your contacts and activities. Manage contracts and quotations, and follow the sales in real time in your sales pipeline.

Service Desk

Manage all your support cases smarter. Get efficient flows, complete documentation, e-mail connections, and seamless workflows and a mobile app. Streamline all your support and get full control.

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Your business becomes accessible anywhere, on any device.

Safe & Secure

Your data is always backed up and always safe.

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No installation – everything is in the cloud. Continous updates included.


Adaptable and grows with the business and your needs.


Collaborates easily with your other systems.

Integrated to your business systems

QBIS is a system that easily works with other systems. We have connections to most of the popular business systems.

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All companies have a need for their employees to report their time. Whether the need concerns the better time tracking for payroll, billing, project tracking and analyzing the company’s activity time, – QBIS Time does the work easily and efficiently. And not least, QBIS makes it easy for your employees to report time.

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QBIS is not only a very good project planning tool but also has the ability to help you deliver projects on time and on budget. You get the important control and monitoring needed to achieve greater productivity and efficiency in all your projects.

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QBIS has helped both me and other members of the management team to maximize revenue and achieve internal goals which have helped us to grow into the company we are today.

Stephen Lang, Findwise

With QBIS I can see statistics on all projects, what we have earned and what to bet on. It indeed helps us to increase the company's efficiency.

Michael Henriksen, Arborist

My team easily reports thier working time with the app. We see immediately how our projects are going regarding both time and cost.

Daniel Hermansson, CEO, Ocean Fine Carpentry

Are you ready to take your time and project management to a new level?